Month: November 2013

Yanagisawa B991 Baritone Sax Review

Here I am reviewing the amazing Yanagisawa 991 baritone saxophone. This baritone was unpacked before my very eyes and only had the packing cork taken out – i.e. there was no setup. It plays straight out of the box – this can’t be said for many other makes.

It’s so easy to play. Even though I haven’t played baritone for nearly two years I can just pop the mouthpiece on and get a great sound.

Highly recommended!

I’ve been inspired, let me inspire you …

Chris Potter, Joshua Redman and Mark Turner, pictured with Dan at Wigmore Hall, London.

I’ve been inspired by some pretty amazing players.

I’m incredibly fortunate to have studied with some wonderful teachers, both in Europe and in New York. What they all have in common is their willingness to share their passion for playing great music.

That’s what I try to do with Cambridge Saxophone – create a passionate environment where you can be inspired to make music.