Month: December 2015

Merry Christmas 2015

So here it is, the 2015 ‘Cambridge Saxophone Students Christmas Project, Deck The Halls!’

Well done to everyone one of you on this video.  For those of you who didn’t manage to make a video this year, for whatever reason, let’s make sure you’re on next years!

This was a step up from last years Christmas Project and I would put this version of ‘Deck The Halls’ to be around Grade 5 standard, so well done those of you who got it down in just two weeks!

Let’s make sure we take away from this project,

  1.  Using the ‘extract’ practice model, slowing things down and even rewriting sections in crotchets and minims so that we can execute it cleanly.
  2. Less use of tongue
  3. Preparing under pressure at what is a busy time for all of us.

May I wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.  I look forward to making more music with you in 2016!


Posting a Video for Deck The Halls – Christmas Project 2015

Here is a short video showing you how to record and upload a video from an iPad or iOS device for the Deck The Halls Christmas Project 2015.

There are a few things to remember when you’re recording Deck The Halls for the 2015 Christmas Project,

  1. You MUST record at full speed, any slowed down versions will not be used.
  2. If you can record the backing track through your headphones and only send me the sax.
  3. Try and play the whole piece, even if there are some sections that you have to leave out, (this saves me having 15 people playing the first 8 bars!)

Christmas Project 2015 – Deck the Halls

I’m asking all of you to contribute towards this years Christmas Project.  All you have to do is record this version of ‘Deck the Halls’ and then send me the video.  I will then work my video magic and make it look like one ‘seamless’ performance!

Click here to view the Dropbox folder to access the sheet music and backing track.

You MUST play the track at the full tempo to take part in the project and make sure that the first note of the backing track is audible, (so I can sync everyone together.) Please do your best to complete the whole piece, even if you can’t play some of it, (but do aim to practise it so that you can!)

Here is ‘Silent Night’ from our 2014 Christmas Project,

Silent Night from Dan Forshaw on Vimeo.