Month: January 2017

Roberto’s Winds Tenor Sax Reeds Review

Here is my Vlog review of the Roberto’s Winds Tenor Sax Reeds.

Roberto’s Winds are one of the leading music shops in New York. Their own brand reeds are designed on the older reeds that were knocking around in the 1960’s.

How I practiced for 100 Days

Everyone knows that daily practice is the best way to become a better musician, but so few people actually do it.

In today’s Vlog Episode I explain how I used this amazing practice hack to complete 100 consecutive days of practice.

Sax Cases

Getting a good case for your saxophone is REALLY important. In this Vlog Episode I discuss my saxophone cases and why I opt for BAM Cabine Cases.


Playing the Sax with Asthma

I was diagnosed with Asthma nearly five years ago and on the whole it hasn’t really affected my saxophone playing.

However, when I get a cold, boy do things get tough. In this Vlog episode I discuss how playing the saxophone is disrupted by playing the saxophone.