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How to Warm Up

These videos from the Jazz at the Lincoln Centre are a GOLDMINE for any musician, no matter what your level.

I use a variant exercise of this called ‘the pivot’ – but this is a great way of warming up.


What is a Lydian Dominant Scale?

There are lots of Jazz Scales that have great names and the Lydian Dominant is one of them.

But what is a Lydian Dominant and how do you practice it?

Watch this video to find out how I work out on my Lydian Dominant Scales and what they have in common with a Melodic Minor and Altered Scale.

Altered Scale on Sax

One of the most distinctive scales in Jazz is the Altered Scale.

In this episode of #DansVlog I talk about making marginal gains in your scale practice.

Planning Practice

Getting a practice schedule together can be quite a daunting task.

In this Vlog episode I cover how I form practice a schedule for myself and for students.