Transcribe – Sax solo on ‘Spooky’

£ 20

In this course we are going to transcribe the sax solo from the Dusty Springfield recording of ‘Spooky’. The solo itself is only 20 seconds long and is based around a blues scale. This course is an ideal starting point if you’ve never transcribed or learnt a solo before.

4 lessonsBeginner

20 Songs in 20 Weeks

£ 40

I have set myself the target of learning 400 songs in ten years, and whilst working through my list of 120 songs that I want to learn this year, I realised that a shortened version of this would make an excellent course for you guys.

20 lessonsIntermediate

Technique Building

£ 30

In order to execute music with accuracy one needs to build up a technique. This course has several lessons and ideas on how one can achieve this.

16 lessons

Transcribe – Back to the Land

£ 15

This was the first solo of Lester Young I ever learnt. It was recommended to me by my mentor, Branford Marsalis. It is a perfect example of how to play the blues.

4 lessonsIntermediate

Transcribe – All of Me

£ 40

Lester Young influenced almost every saxophonist who came after him, yet at first he was told his saxophone tone was ‘wrong’. Some of his most famous work was with Billie Holliday including this solo.

4 lessonsIntermediate

Transcribe – Autumn Leaves

£ 20

Zoot Simms was a pioneer of the ‘West Coast’ jazz movement. A tone that was easy to listen to and a harmonic language that stayed firmly, ‘inside’ the changes.

5 lessonsIntermediate