Transcribe – Take Five

£ 40

‘Take Five’ is one of the most recognisable saxophone melodies in jazz. Written by Altoist Paul Desmond this popular classic contains gems of language for you to learn.

4 lessonsIntermediate

Transcribe – Santa Claus is Coming to Town

£ 50

Joshua Redman’s take on Santa Claus is Coming to Town is one of my favourite Christmas jazz tunes. Not only does Josh swing hard on the melody, his solo contains line after line of incredible jazz language.

4 lessons

Transcribe – St Thomas

£ 40

St. Thomas by Sonny Rollins has been a firm fixture in my set list for years. St. Thomas has a catchy melody and the harmony is easy to memorise.

3 lessonsIntermediate

Transcribe – Work Song

£ 30

A series of lessons on learning the head and solo by Cannonball Adderly on ‘Work Song’ from his album ‘Them Dirty Blues’. This is a superb example of the Blues scale in action!

3 lessonsIntermediate

Whole Tone Scales

£ 10

Whole Tone scales are one of the most exotic sounding scales found in Western Music.

2 lessonsIntermediate

Improvisation – Module 1

£ 40

This course teaches you the basics of improvisation. Learn about Pentatonic scales, the Blues, basic licks and harmonic progressions.

10 lessonsIntermediate