Transcribe Coleman Hawkins – All The Things You Are

£ 29

Coleman Hawkins, (1904 – 1969) was the one of the pioneers of the tenor saxophone.  Whilst he is associated with the Big Band era, (in particular Fletcher Henderson) he was also one of the early BeBop pioneers and had a huge influence on many of the Bebop players, including Charlie Parker and Sonny Rollins. 

11 lessons

Transcribing When the Saints

£ 12

Our second transcription course to follow on from our ‘Memorising Chord Changes’ course is Stanley Turrentine’s solo over ‘When the Saints’.

3 lessons

Transcribe Blue Seven by Sonny Rollins

£ 60

I have chosen this particular piece to transcribe because it will help to ingrain the lessons you have studied in our ‘Memorising Chord Changes’ course. Blue Seven is a simple 12 bar blues form with some classic Sonny Rollins language, short punchy phrases that are packed full of harmonic inventiveness.

6 lessons

Memorising Chord Changes


If I want to be a confident improviser that is ‘speaking’ the language of music – I need to obey the rules of musical ‘grammar’ so that I am able to interact and express my true feelings to the listener.

10 lessons

2016 Christmas Project

£ 3

The Sleigh Bells have started ringing, the lights has been lit and your family have started asking you what you would like for Christmas. So that means it is time for the Cambridge Saxophone Christmas Project!

4 lessons

Transcribe The Girl from Ipanema

£ 20

The Girl from Ipanema was written by Brazilian Anton Carlos Jobim in 1962. Stan Getz recorded with Joao Gilberto and Jobim and it was released to wide acclaim in July 1964

5 lessons