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Anyone want to discuss the Eric Taylor book? I’m feeling very happy about finishing it, and it has indirectly helped my playing already, but the answers (‘Model Answers’ book) tells me I don’t understand (in particular) the principles behind (1) ‘More irregular time divisions’ and (2) ‘Intervals’.

For (1), are these things explained in the AB Guide to Music Theory? I got most of Exercise 3 (b) and (c) wrong. Wikipedia is baffling. Can anyone recommend any good links that explain?

For (2), I am completely confused that it is NOT possible, apparently, to say (for example) that an augmented 4th is the same as a diminished 5th. Can anyone explain? And in Exercise 2, third row, third question (treble clef, in E major) a low D# and a Bb sound exactly like a perfect 5th to me, but apparently it’s diminished 6th. Does the name of the interval really just depend on the notation, and not at all on what it sounds like?

Dan (if you’re tuned in to this), your ‘How to work out intervals’ sheet says (at ‘4 o’clock’ position) ‘If a tone lower than the Major | it is Diminished’, but that would mean (in C major) that G would be the diminished of A. Is there something I’m not getting?

If anyone is feeling confused I’m happy to swap confusions with you on this.