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      I thought i would put this here to have a look at again in a while.

      DREAM/fantasies. 10 years +. To profoundly shape the feel of western music via a touring group performing mix of jazz classics and free form music. wildly successful based in the south of france/northern italy.

      10 years. regular performing
      5 years. enjoying and able to perform with other people.
      1 year 18 months. To be able to play sustained phrases at reasonable speed with accuracy and intonation appropriate to the setting.
      1 year . maybe grade 8 jazz with trinity.
      6 months to one year. improving ear improving sense of time.
      now and always.. tone and time
      now improved sight reading/performance skills

      ps i am 46. probably should have started a bit earlier!

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      also can add a bigger roll in next years christmas project

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      Dan Forshaw

      Thanks Ben!

      Anyone else want to contribute?

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