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    Dan Forshaw

    I’ve had a number of requests over the years to put together a beginners course for people who are just starting out on the saxophone. I’ve held off for a while as I wanted to make sure I got the course content and structure 100% correct.

    I feel I’ve now done this and I’m opening this course up to everyone. Please join the course by clicking on this link Beginners Course and post any questions or feedback below.

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    I think that this beginning course is excellent. this is a great site . thank you very much. Vinny

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      Looking for a beginners course for Tenor Sax, so many, what makes this one different, as you cant view the video (or part of) before buying…..

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      Dan Forshaw

      Hi Flyer58uk and welcome to Cambridge Saxophone. You can view lesson two on our Facebook page, ( I have pasted it below…

      As for what is different please see our FAQ page. My main point would be that I seek to make my students musicians, who play the saxophone – rather than just plain saxophone players. I believe we all have a inbuilt human need to make music, and I want to help you do that with the sax!

      Beginners Sax Course with Dan Forshaw

      Did Santa bring you a saxophone? Our beginners course offers an innovative, imaginative and inspiring way to make a great SOUND out of your saxophone.

      Posted by Cambridge Saxophone on Saturday, 26 December 2015

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    Dan Forshaw

    Sorry the video won’t embed from Facebook – here it is

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      Thanks Dan, most impressed by the speed of reply.

      Am watching the video now, and will sign up shortly I am sure…

      Thanks again

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    Dan Forshaw

    My pleasure, please do post any questions that you might have to the forum, or via email to [email protected]

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