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      Dan Forshaw

      Today I launched my latest Kickstarter campaign to fund what is probably the most important and ambitious project I’ve ever attempted.

      What is it?

      I want to get some of the best jazz musicians in the UK into the studio to make a recording about the story of jazz and it’s deeper impact on our lives.

      ‘Jazz speaks for life’ – Jazz Vespers is an innovative jazz recording project fusing Gospel Spirituals, Jazz Standards and Poetry.

      I believe Jazz music tells an incredible story.

      From the joy of ‘When the Saints’ to the sorrow of Coltrane’s ‘Alabama’, the cool of ‘So What’ to the chaos of ‘Freedom Jazz Dance’ jazz has the ability to express the deepest of human emotions.

      I found a speech that Dr Martin Luther King Jnr gave to the 1964 Berlin Jazz Festival and that acted as a catalyst to the idea of using jazz to explore suffering, lament and a new hope. ‘Jazz Vespers’ is a project that has been in my mind for over ten years. Since studying, Coltrane’s A Love Supreme in College, I firmly believe that jazz music has something REALLY important to say about today from its own traditions.

      Following our successful Jazz Vespers as part of ‘Black History Month’ at Methodist Central Hall, Westminster and other jazz performances at other cathedrals such as St. Paul’s, Ely and Hereford cathedrals I was encouraged to make a Jazz Vespers album. The musicians who have performed Jazz Vespers live such as Juliet Kelly are on board and Rob ‘Wacko’ Hunter, Branford Marsalis’ Sound Engineer has agreed to come on board to make sure every note we record is heard better than we ever intended!

      Find our more here

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