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      Dan Forshaw

      Use this topic to introduce yourself. How long have you been playing the saxophone? What do you hope to achieve? What’s the biggest challenge you face playing the saxophone.

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      Hello! I’m Matt, and I’ve been playing saxophone for about seven years. I’m mostly interested in playing jazz, so I suppose my main target is to be able to improvise with better fluency and have enough vocabulary from transcription and practicing licks that I can play a convincing live jazz set. I’m studying for a maths degree among other commitments at the moment so my main challenge is finding practice time – it’s so important to keep up with scales and tonal exercises as it’s very frustrating when you find yourself having to work on things you once found easy!

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      Hi, I’m David. I’ve been playing tenor for nearly three years. My plan is to grow old disgracefully by playing lots of music with lots of people and having bucketfuls of fun along the way.

      I’m in love with the instrument, mostly for the pleasure of playing things I remember I once couldn’t play. Sometimes I fall out of love with it, usually because I’m banging against the wall of the things I find difficult. Then I try and look calmly at what I need to do to get through, work round, move on up, get down …

      My biggest challenge is improvising. I’m addicted to notation; at the opposite end of the unreality principle I imagine my solos searing into musical convention like a griddle and pink steak. Somewhere in between I’m a 59-year-old baby trying to babble the language of jazz …

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      Hi, I’m Kim. I started learning to play the saxophone 7 years ago. I’m not really sure what prompted it as I was unaware that I had any musical ability in me. Somehow the desire to unravel the mystery of music has stayed with me and actually grown stronger. I do not have any problem motivating myself to practise as the saxophone has now become part of my identity.

      My challenge is to gain more knowledge and understanding of music theory because then I hope that I will be able to express myself musically in an imaginative way.
      I look forward to the day when I can improvise in my own unique style, in the magical language of jazz.

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      John Lang

      My name is John. I’ve been playing since 1978. Shock, horror – who can remember that far back. I more or less gave up a few years ago after I lost my wife. 5 years ago my partner and I moved from Yorkshire to Northumberland. She joined the local choir and pestered me to start playing again as there was a pretty good concert band in the area. That was 3 or 4 years ago and I have been moved from the clarinet section to saxophone. Just over a year ago, purely on a whim, I contacted Dan Forshaw. The rest as they say is history. I have regular Skype lessons, play for 2 hours on a Monday night with the band and 2 hours on Friday with a saxophone quintet, try and get some practice inbetween and just generally enjoy music. Life’s pretty good.

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      Hello, my name is Vinny. I am older in life age 53. Never played an instrument before. I decided to pick up the Alto Saxophone wqhich I love, about 6 months ago. I talked about playing for a good couple of months before I got my Sax. I love it but need help and I landed here . Vinny

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      Hi my name is all Roys I was named many decades ago.
      I play clarinet in a trio/ quartet with my friends. When I retired I decided to try to learn sax , chiefly cos I thought it will be easier to improvise. Have been having a go on tenor for about a year now, but with some big gaps. Still a long way to go !
      Musically I feel wind playing is all about TONE. We have the best instruments to produce beautiful sound. Jazzwise I think it’s about feeling ,heart, excitement.
      My chief heroes are ( not all of these are sax players !) Mozart, Jack Brymer, Michael Collins, Johnny Dodds, Louis, Miles, Bechet, Lester Young, Paul Desmond, Dankworth, Kenny G, Pavarotti, and , not for his tone but other gifts, Bach.

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      Dan Forshaw

      Come one we need more contributions!

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      I’m Dennis, I have been playing the saxophone for about 15 years but I stopped a couple of years ago because I did not think that I was improving. I’ve taken it up again and am pleasantly surprised that all is not lost and all is not forgotten. I have recorded myself and don’t hate what I hear. I have really benefitted from doing transcriptions.
      My aim is to enjoy my playing and to continue to do so – that will do for me!

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