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    Dan Forshaw

    This is your chance to suggest topics for future lessons

    How would you like to improve?

    What would you like to see more of?

    What’s missing here?

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    I really want to play melodies and not spend the time working on scales. However, tHAT is what I need to do and to try to make it fun. Maybe being able to work on a scale that a piece of music is in. Being older in life I really want to be able to make my playing enjoyable . I hope I made sense?

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    Unless I missed it, I really would like to see melodies to learn maybe even to be able to post bits of playing so you can help me with what you see ????

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    Dan Forshaw

    Hi Vinny thanks for your message.

    You might find this course of benefit to you, https://cambridgesaxophone.com/lessons/use-slow-melodies-improve-tone-lesson-1/

    Of course we also have the 20 songs in 20 weeks that we’ve started last weekend,


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    I am going to purchase the “20 songs in 20 weeks” This will be a Huge challenge for me because of my work scheduele. However, I do not need to get caught up in that goal so much that I do not do the melody justice. Maybe it would take me 40 weeks to do 20 songs. In reality . how many songs have I played in 6 months of playing , not many…. Unfort … I guess I would like to Wait to see what the 20 songs are to be. ??


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    Dan Forshaw


    20 songs in 20 weeks is what I will give you guys – how long it takes you is up to you!

    List on its way soon!

    The next few weeks will be

    1. All The Things You Are
    2. Blue Monk
    3. Cantaloupe Island
    4. Cheek to Cheek
    5. Cherokee

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