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      David Parasz

      Hi sax players,
      Does anyone else out there suffer with right thumb pain on tenor sax, or any other sax, for that matter? Even with playing the horn up high, as Branford advocates, to take the weight off the thumb and onto the neck or shoulders to support the horn, I have discomfort. I like to play with the horn straight on in the middle, Coltrane style, not on my right side as most players tend to do. I never liked the horn to the side. Perhaps this tends to exacerbate the problem. Does anyone have any thoughts or ideas on this? I have played for over 40 years, and I suppose the body does succumb to wear and tear over time. Thankfully, my Sax Lab Saxholder and Just Joe’s neck strap have alleviated most back and neck issues. Tenors and baritones are so heavy, and are difficult instruments to support and play generally, I find, especially standing up, as we sax players are often called upon to do. Cheers.

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      Dan Forshaw

      Hi David great question – I’ve never had much trouble with the tenor – my Cebulla strap has worked wonders since I purchased it, I’ve had some troubles with straps which I spoke about here

      The soprano on the other hand kills my thumb and I hate playing it with a strap

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