Now’s The Time Lesson 3

So we are now into week three of our Now’s The Time transcription project. I hope you found lesson number two helped you with the breakdown of the music into separate clip sections?

Now’s The Time Lesson 2

So how have you got on with Now’s The Time this week? Remember the most important thing to do when trying to complete any exercise is to TAKE YOUR TIME.

Lesson 2 – Waiting on a Friend – Sonny Rollins with Rolling Stones

This solo by Sonny is a great example of how great improvisation is often a case of keeping things simple. Sonny Rollins is widely recognised as one of the leading improvisers on the saxophone and on this recording of Waiting on a Friend he shows us why. I’ll also show you how to ‘growl’ on your sax!

Overblowing Overtones

Overtones are a very important method of improving your embouchure. This is a short video to show you how to work on long tones focusing on the harmonic series.


Arpeggios, or chords, are (with scales) the most important building block for playing music. However, most music students avoid them and don’t like practising them, often because it seems such a tall order to learn them all.