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I am delighted to present my video review of the Chris Potter Mouthpiece as part of the RS Berkley ‘Legends’ series.

Legends Series mouthpieces are officially licensed mouthpiece reproductions modeled after the originals used by the world’s most iconic musicians. This means that you and I can play EXACT copies of mouthpieces played by the great players of the past and the present!

This is one of the best modern jazz tenor saxophone mouthpieces that you can buy.  This is hardly surprising given it is an exact model of the mouthpiece played by one of the world’s best tenor saxophonists alive!

The mouthpiece is superbly made and offers a well rounded, slightly darker sound that offers just the right amount of resistance to make your saxophone sing.  The only drawback is that it doesn’t come with Chris Potter’s immense technique…(see the video below.)

You can purchase this mouthpiece from Tenor Madness in the US and we are awaiting a UK shop to get on board!

I’ve decided to keep myself humble by linking to a video of Chris playing this piece below my video review…

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