Transcribe – All of Me

Summary – Lester Young All of Me

Lester Young influenced almost every saxophonist who came after him, yet at first he was told his saxophone tone was ‘wrong’.  Some of his most famous work was with Billie Holliday including this on All of Me solo – a perfect example of how to solo when working with a vocalist.




All of Me Lesson 1 – Overview

In this lesson I give you an introduction to transcribing one of the most beautiful solos ever played on the saxophone by probably its most influential player.

All of Me Lesson 2 – Triadic Pairs

This lesson is the second lesson on our ‘All of Me’ transcription project and focuses on Lester’s break into his solo. Like many of the great improvisers Lester Young is a master of ‘announcing’ himself to the audience. Others such as Stan Getz or perhaps the greatest improviser in jazz Louis Armstrong can be known by just two notes of a ‘break’.

All of Me Lesson 3

In this lesson I take you through the solo outlining four important scale / chord combinations that Lester Young uses in his solo on All of Me.

All of Me Lesson 4 – Your Responses

So here are your responses to our transcription project on Lester Young and Billie Holliday’s recording of ‘All of Me’.
If I haven’t yet got your response then please email a link over NOW!!


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