Transcribe The Girl from Ipanema

The Girl from Ipanema was written by Brazilian Anton Carlos Jobim in 1962. Stan Getz recorded with Joao Gilberto and Jobim and it was released to wide acclaim in July 1964.

You can read more about the song and its history here, and if it’s still available watch this amazing documentary about the song on the BBC iPlayer.

In this course we are going to transcribe Getz’s solo in 5 lessons.


Transcribe The Girl from Ipanema – Lesson 2

Make sure you listen carefully to how Eric Alexander discusses subtone. Many of you have got the first eight bars nailed down in terms of notes, but you’re playing without subtone – if you’re transcribing Stan Getz – YOU MUST MASTER THE SUBTONE!!

The Girl from Ipanema – Lesson 4

Well done for getting through the last lesson on transcribing ‘The Girl from Ipanema’! Let’s complete this transcription project with the final clip from the exercise.

Stan Getz Collection

As we’ve all enjoyed studying Stan Getz so much over the last few weeks I thought it would be nice to share some of my favourite Getz performances that we have on video


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