Equipment Reviews

In this course I am to bring you as many equipment reviews as I can.   Saxophonists are known for their love of ‘kit’ so I hope I can bring you as many honest reviews as I can muster!


Sax Holder by JazzLab

Do you suffer from neck pain when playing the saxophone? The Sax Holder from Jazzlab is an invention which can really go a long way to alleviating any discomfort when playing the saxophone.

Mouthpiece Silencer Review

Here is my review of the Jazz Lab mouthpiece silencer for saxophone. If you’ve ever had people complain about your mouthpiece exercises making a horrible noise, this invention is going to transform your practice.

Yanagisawa S992 Curved Soprano Review

This Yanagisawa 992 is of SUPREME quality. I own a 992 Bronze straight soprano myself and for me it is simply THE best soprano on the market today – flawless intonation, a tone which is warm and centred and design that is second to none.

Yanagisawa T992 Bronze Tenor Saxophone

Here’s my review of the Yanagisawa T992 Bronze saxophone. I have found that my choice of Tenor Saxophone has always been very personal & this saxophone is an incredible instrument.

Yanagisawa S992 Bronze Review

Yanagisawa make the best soprano saxophones on the market. I owned a Yanagisawa 991 soprano for nearly ten years and when I had the opportunity to upgrade and try out a whole host of sopranos I came back to the 992 Bronze. For me this is by far the best soprano on the market today.

Yanagisawa A991 Black Alto Saxophone

As a saxophonist it is critically important to have good equipment. If you have poor quality materials it is always going to be difficult to make the sound that you can achieve.

Yanagisawa T901 Tenor Saxophone

Here I am with the superb Yanagisawa T901 Tenor Saxophone. I was very fortunate to review this superb instrument at my local music shop, Wood Wind and Reed in Cambridge.

The Aizen New York Alto Mouthpiece

I’m always keen to get my hands on good equipment, but sometimes a student shows up the their lesson with a nice piece of kit that gets my attention.

Yanagisawa B901 Baritone

Here I am reviewing the amazing Yanagisawa 901 Baritone saxophone. This Baritone was unpacked before my very eyes and only had the packing cork taken out – i.e. no setup and it plays straight out of the box, this can’t be said for many other makes.

Yanagisawa TWO10 Bronze Tenor Saxophone

The WO10 is Yanagisawa’s update to the 992 Tenor Saxophone, which you can hear me playing below. What strikes you about this Yanagisawa saxophone is the complex nature of its tone, its incredible build quality and the responsiveness of its key-work.


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