Online Lessons

Students from all over the world can now learn the saxophone via Skype, FaceTime or Zoom.

Matthew Nixon from Belfast says

‘I’ve been really enjoying having Skype saxophone lessons. There really is no difference from having a face-to-face lesson!’ 

Dr. Bruce Moss says;

Having enjoyed two years of saxophone tuition with Dan, I was dismayed to learn he was moving to Cambridge. Dan is such a brilliant and innovative teacher I did not want our lessons to end.  I need not have worried; we have now established weekly lessons via Skype and I am finding the new lessons every bit as informative and enjoyable.  Setting up Skype was easy, especially as Dan is super IT savvy.  The only thing lost is the playing of duets and improvising together but with available backing tracks, that’s not a problem.  I would encourage anyone interested to give Skype lessons a try!  

Watch other students from around the world talking about their lessons here.

All you need is a webcam, a broadband internet connection and the free video conferencing software, Skype.

We cover lessons in much the same way we would do if you were sat in our teaching studio in Cambridge.  Lessons are carefully planned in advance so that we can keep the technology simple and useful,  which then allows us to spend our time concentrating on inspiring you to play better music.

You don’t even need high-speed broadband in order to make this work.

We even have a number of students who have their lessons via FaceTime on their iPhones!

It really has never been easier now to receive high quality, personalised tuition direct from Cambridge, to you ANYWHERE in the world!