Transcribe Coleman Hawkins – All The Things You Are

Our third transcription project, following on from our ‘Memorising Chord Changes‘ course is Coleman Hawkins’ version of ‘All the Things You Are.’

Coleman Hawkins, (1904 – 1969) was the one of the pioneers of the tenor saxophone.  Whilst he is associated with the Big Band era, (in particular Fletcher Henderson) he was also one of the early BeBop pioneers and had a huge influence on many of the Bebop players, including Charlie Parker and Sonny Rollins.

Indeed Sonny Rollins wrote ‘Hawk’ a three page letter in 1962, acknowledging the huge influence he had on Rollins own music.

This course is NOT EASY! It will take at least eight weeks of careful, diligent work to complete, but I PROMISE it will be worth it – you will have some incredible vocabulary when you’ve completed it.



Transcribing Coleman Hawkins – All The Things You Are, Lesson 2

There’s a lot to get right in this lesson, but it’s quite a straightforward diatonic lick, which with the help of this video you should be able to get down in one practice session.  ‘Gluing’ the clips together is a whole different ball game – (it took me a few takes in this video

Transcribing Coleman Hawkins – All The Things You Are, Lesson 10

Lesson 10 features clip 9, which involves a chromatic descending minor 7th progression. This is Bebop language of a Shakespearean calibre, it’s brilliant and quoting it will always make you sound more intelligent than the next guy – understanding it and putting your own spin on it will make you a genius!


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