Dan reinvigorated a middle-aged wannabe latecomer to the saxophone, and made him fee like he unleashed his inner Coltrane. (Even though the harsh truth is more like plodding Grade 3… ). Massively enthusiastic, and one of life’s natural teachers. Can’t recommend Dan highly enough.

Adam G, Cambridge

Dan has taught my daughter for several years. He has a lovely laid back attitude but pushes his pupils to achieve great results. His passion for his music shows through.

Sarah W, Cambridge

Dan is the consummate tutor and to learn from such a talented saxophonist is both an honour and a pleasure. Don’t get me wrong Dan demands that you put the effort in to learning the saxophone and always challenges you. For a man in his sixties to be able to achieve the progress in a few lesson shows what Dan can coax out of you.

Keith M, Doncaster

I now have a weekly saxophone lesson via video. I find them informative and enjoyable. Setting up the lessons was easy, especially as Dan is super IT savvy. I would encourage anyone interested to give video lessons a try!

Dr Bruce Moss, Carryduff

Dan’s strap line includes ‘passionate’ and ‘inspirational’, and you certainly get what it says on the tin! Lessons are imaginative, challenging but excellently paced. Practice schedules are too. I am really delighted with the progress I’ve made since working with Dan.

Nicholas Jennett, Luxembourg

I’ve really enjoyed having video lessons with Dan. There really is no difference from having a face-to-face lesson.

Matthew Nixon, Belfast

Dan is incredibly innovative in his approach to teaching. I would highly recommend lessons with him.

Sian Morris, Blackpool

Dan makes some quite complex theory points very easy to understand.

Beth Atkinson, Lancaster

Dan is a great teacher: patient, enthusiastic and knowledgeable, but he also likes a laugh, so lessons are always entertaining. I always leave motivated to keep going and actually believe I could become a reasonable sax player.

Vanessa Mills, Cambridge

Dan is an inspirational teacher using creative ways to bring out the best in his students. Having a lesson via Skype in your living room is as good as a live lesson and much more convenient.

Rodney Ferguson, Greenisland

Dan has taught my teenage son Harry for three years now and has inspired him to improve on the saxophone beyond what we thought was possible. It’s a great pleasure to hear Harry enjoying the saxophone, learning new skills and entering into what I hope will be a lifetime of music making.

David Bateman, Kimbolton