Transcribe Blue Seven by Sonny Rollins

Sonny Rollins recorded ‘Blue Seven’ on his album Saxophone Colossus in 1956.

I have chosen this particular piece to transcribe because it will help to ingrain the lessons you have studied in our ‘Memorising Chord Changes‘ course. Blue Seven is a simple 12 bar blues form with some classic Sonny Rollins language, short punchy phrases that are packed full of harmonic inventiveness.

Let’s get started…


Transcribe Blue Seven – Lesson 2

In this video lesson I take you back through Clip 1 showing you how you can utilise what Sonny plays as a spring board for your own soloing. We also deal with Clip 2 which starts on an Augmented triad.

Transcribe Blue Seven – Lesson 4

I hope you’ve managed to take your time to work through the first lesson on Clip 3? If so, here is the second lesson on Clip 3. Sonny is still playing in semi-quavers, (16th notes for our American & European Students!)

Transcribing Blue Seven – Lesson 5

I’ve heard your cries for help! Lesson 3 of this course was proving a little difficult so in Lesson 5 I’ve got something that should help.


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