Memorising Chord Changes

£ 18

If I want to be a confident improviser that is ‘speaking’ the language of music – I need to obey the rules of musical ‘grammar’ so that I am able to interact and express my true feelings to the listener.

10 lessons

Beginners Saxophone Course

£ 10

Welcome to the Cambridge Saxophone ‘Beginners Saxophone Course’. This is the most innovative, imaginative, and inspiring course for learning the saxophone that you can find on the internet.

8 lessons

20 Songs in 20 Weeks

£ 40

I have set myself the target of learning 400 songs in ten years, and whilst working through my list of 120 songs that I want to learn this year, I realised that a shortened version of this would make an excellent course for you guys.

20 lessonsIntermediate

Music Theory Made Easy

£ 41

You would be a bit worried if the pilot on your plane confessed to not knowing much about the dials in front of him wouldn’t you? Well, so many musicians have a similar approach to music theory – this course debunks the myths and will give you a firm understanding of music theory.

9 lessonsIntermediate

Bitesize Lessons


Want to learn something musical in less time than it takes to boil an egg?

10 lessons

Whole Tone Scales

£ 10

Whole Tone scales are one of the most exotic sounding scales found in Western Music.

2 lessonsIntermediate