Beginners Saxophone Course

Welcome to the Cambridge Saxophone ‘Beginners Saxophone Course’.

This is the most innovative, imaginative, and inspiring course for learning the saxophone that  you can find on the internet.


Beginners Course Lesson 1

This might just be one of the most important lessons you’ve ever watched. I hope it will certainly be one of the most inspirational. Why? Because I explain to you my philosophy of music.

Beginners Course Lesson 2

In our Beginners Saxophone Course Lesson 2 we are going to look at the two most important aspects of playing the saxophone, breathing and forming a embouchure.

Beginners Course Lesson 3

Getting the correct posture when holding the saxophone is the secret to years of relaxed, enjoyable music making. You will not look or feel ‘cool’ if the saxophone feels like a giant ornament hung around your neck. In this video lesson I will teach you how to correctly assemble your saxophone and how to hold it correctly.

Beginners Course Lesson 4

As we move onto Beginners Course Lesson 4 we use the knowledge and skills we have gained in our first three lessons to now learn our first notes.

Beginners Course Lesson 5

Welcome to Lesson five on our Beginners Saxophone Course. In this lesson I will show you the notes of F, E, D and low C.

Beginners Course Lesson 6

In this lesson I will introduce you to the treble clef and the concepts behind music notation. Remember, I’m not contradicting myself here. You do need to be able to read and understand music if you are going to communicate with this ‘language’.

Beginners Course Lesson 7

In this Beginners saxophone lesson seven I am going to show you the notes in the upper octave of the saxophone. These notes are relatively easy to obtain as they are the same fingering positions as the lower octave, but we simply press the octave key on at the back of the instrument.


Dan Forshaw

I'm passionate about creating inspirational experiences through music and other arts. A life changing experience under the influence of the music of John Coltrane lead to study in New York and London. My thesis was on the Theology of John Coltrane as expressed through A Love Supreme. I perform across Europe with various jazz groups and teach through my innovative website, I'm a total Apple Geek, Cricket, Rugby, F1 and Football fan and I'm learning to listen opinions before giving my own!