Transcribe – Autumn Leaves

Transcribe Autumn Leaves

Zoot Simms has some incredible language that you can learn from this recording of the great Joseph Kosma standard, ‘Autumn Leaves’.

If you’re not sure why learning solos off recordings or transcribing is so important, watch this quick video of New York saxophone master Greg Tardy giving a masterclass,

I heard some people who started out as fairly mediocre players, who were transformed by learning solos verbatim off recordings.

This is a transcription I had great fun doing alongside my students.  Autumn Leaves is a standard I have played, and continue to play a great deal on gigs.  The language I picked up from teaching this course transformed how I play Autumn Leaves, and it will do the same for you!


Lesson 2 – Autumn Leaves

Joshua Redman ‘joins us’ to explain why transcribing or learning solos is so important. Later I take you on an in-depth journey of the clips and solo.

Lesson 1 – Autumn Leaves

It’s time to start another group transcription project and I’ve chosen a jazz standard called ‘Autumn Leaves’ recorded by sax legend Zoot Simms.

Autumn Leaves Vs Narragansett Avenue

Greg Fishman’s Narrangansett Avenue is an etude based on Autumn Leaves that Greg wrote for his ‘Jazz Phrasing for Saxophone book 1’ which has been a staple of my teaching syllabus for over four years.


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