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Elements of Music – Lesson 1

In this latest video I talk about the ‘elements of music’ as outlined in Victor Wooten’s excellent book The Music Lesson. You can buy it via the link below – I hope we’ll all read it in March and get some interesting discussion going via Google Hangouts. Don’t forget to register your availability for the next hangout here.

The worksheet for the lesson can be downloaded here.

Click on the link underneath to buy Victor’s book:

Enjoy the lesson and post any comments below.

Five Alternatives to Fifty Shades …

Are you off on holiday soon?

Not sure which books to take?

For me the summer holidays used to be a time for a good book and a chance to create space in which to come back refreshed with new ideas. Now I have two small children, that just doesn’t happen!

Anyway, here’s a short video of five books (I only have three of them on paper) for you to pack into your suitcase or put on to your iPad/Kindle etc. for the summer.