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Falling back in love with my soprano

I’ve played soprano saxophone for twenty years now and I’ve gone through periods where I’ve played it almost exclusively, to the last 18 months where I’ve played it on one song per gig.

Following the amazing concert by Branford Marsalis at the Barbican I was inspired to get back into playing the soprano again and extending the repertoire that my band plays, so that I can get more soprano!

Planning Practice

Getting a practice schedule together can be quite a daunting task.

In this Vlog episode I cover how I form practice a schedule for myself and for students.

Festive Practice Tips for the Saxophone

Christmas is coming …

And you can’t have escaped all the music, mulled wine and carol singing. Well, if you want to keep the carol singers away the best thing to do is to make sure you keep on practising, because if you’re deep ‘in the zone’ you won’t even hear the doorbell ring!

I find that practising and studying during the festive period can be hard work. These tips give you the chance to enjoy some seasonal spirit and continue to practise.

Click here for the book I mention in the video.