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Simple, like Sonny

Sonny Rollins is a living legend of the saxophone & in this Vlog I explore how he developed his trademark melodic improvisation.

Last year when I was having lunch with my mentor Branford Marsalis, we were discussing simple melodic ideas and how Sonny Rollins is such a brilliant exponent of melodic improvisation.  Branford told me why, from conversations he’s had with Sonny over the years.

What is a Lydian Dominant Scale?

There are lots of Jazz Scales that have great names and the Lydian Dominant is one of them.

But what is a Lydian Dominant and how do you practice it?

Watch this video to find out how I work out on my Lydian Dominant Scales and what they have in common with a Melodic Minor and Altered Scale.

Mouthpiece Silencer Review

If you’ve ever had people complain about your mouthpiece exercises making a horrible noise, this Jazz Lab mouthpiece silencer for saxophone is going to transform your practice.

In his book Developing a Personal Saxophone Sound, Dave Liebman says ‘the closer you get to the source of the sound, the greater the effect on the overall sound’. In other words, how you breathe, form your embouchure and play the mouthpiece has a much greater effect than the type of mouthpiece or the saxophone you play. You can check out this lesson here to view some exercises on just the mouthpiece. If you purchase the silencer you also get a small booklet with exercises and a DVD! The silencer is currently available from sax.co.uk

Modes – Part 2 (on piano)

This lesson is a follow-up lesson to Modes – Part 1 (on sax).  In this video I’m sat at the piano showing you how modes work in relation to C major, i.e. just the white notes on the keyboard.

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