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Riding along in my automobile (with Chris Potter beside me at the wheel) …

Well, Chris along with Paul Motion, Larry Grenadier and Rebecca Martin.

The most-often heard phrase I hear during my student consultations is ‘I just don’t have the time to practise …’

I feel your pain. It is difficult to find time. The secret is planning to practise and then doing your best to keep that date … Maybe that’s another video for me to do.

In the meantime here’s some practice you can do on the way to work, while travelling around or simply sat at home.

Uploading a Video to YouTube

As part of our ‘Them Dirty Blues’ exercise I would like you all to record a video of you playing the transcription and then uploading it to the web.

Here’s a short video for those of you who don’t know how to record and post to YouTube via your own software – YouTube allows you to do it directly! The quality will be better if you use something like iMovie and then upload it to the web, but this isn’t a bad option for free!

If you’re on a mobile device (like iPhone or iPad) then it is really easy to upload a video directly from the YouTube app.