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Reeds – you’ve got to have them on your sax, or it doesn’t make a sound!

But they can be difficult things to work with.  They are natural materials after all, (unless you go for synthetic reeds, which I never got along with!)

Here’s how I prepare my reeds and how I get them to speak a little better…


ReedJuvinate Review

Here is my review of the ReedJuvinate reed holder

I became aware of the Reedjuvinate via one of my students who came in and emptied Listerine on my studio floor!

What interested me the most about the ReedJuvinate was its claim to keep reeds clean AND in a controlled, humidified state.  I’ve been using the ReedJuvinate for a few weeks now and I am very pleased with the results.  My reeds are playing better and holding a consistency which is allowing me to keep my three favourite D’Addario Select Jazz Reeds playing for longer!