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Elements of Music – Lesson 1

In this latest video I talk about the ‘elements of music’ as outlined in Victor Wooten’s excellent book The Music Lesson. You can buy it via the link below – I hope we’ll all read it in March and get some interesting discussion going via Google Hangouts. Don’t forget to register your availability for the next hangout here.

The worksheet for the lesson can be downloaded here.

Click on the link underneath to buy Victor’s book:

Enjoy the lesson and post any comments below.

Modes – Part 2 (on piano)

This lesson is a follow-up lesson to Modes – Part 1 (on sax).  In this video I’m sat at the piano showing you how modes work in relation to C major, i.e. just the white notes on the keyboard.

Remember, PLEASE leave a comment in the forum with any questions – if you’re brave enough to leave a question you’ll help the probably about 10 others who aren’t. I WILL answer all your questions as best I can, or if necessary do another video.

Getting (and Keeping) Gigs!

We all love to perform. Just last Sunday I had the pleasure of playing with the Tribe of Judah Gospel Choir in London.

My family came down for the service, which was held in a 3000-seater conference centre. My 1-year-old son loved listening to the music, but the highlight of the event (for me) was when he got on stage after most people had gone and I was jamming with the musicians – he just wanted to dance to the music, he just wanted to show people how inspired he was by the music. He wanted to perform something.

As adults (or teens) we can also want to get to that point where we get the chance to perform more often. Here’s some solid advice I’ve picked up after 15 years of playing – from musicians such as Branford Marsalis, Chris Potter, Eric Alexander, Eric Revis, Jeff ‘Tain’ Watts, Harry Connick Jnr, Courtney Pine and many, many more.