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2019 Cambridge Saxophone Playlist

As part of my goal to get my students to do more listening, here is my 2019 Cambridge Saxophone Playlist.

There is a good mixture of old classics and new players, so get listening and GET SHARING!

Naturally as I’m a jazzer and primarily a tenor player, it’s going to be biased towards those, but please feel free to add your own and share your playlists back with me via the forum. 

If ‘Something went wrong, please try again later’ is displayed by Spotify – head over to Chrome and it will work there, or simply follow me on Spotify and you can view it! (Safari doesn’t like the way Spotify wants to track you and I)

Making Time To Practice

I often have students tell me that they didn’t have enough ‘time’ to practice this week.

It’s really a poor excuse as time is the one thing we all get equally – both me, you and Mark Zuckerburg have the same 24 hours in the day!

The key is not ‘finding time’ but ‘making time’  – in this Vlog I’ll tell you how to do it.

How I practiced for 100 Days

Everyone knows that daily practice is the best way to become a better musician, but so few people actually do it.

In today’s Vlog Episode I explain how I used this amazing practice hack to complete 100 consecutive days of practice.

Playing the Sax with Asthma

I was diagnosed with Asthma nearly five years ago and on the whole it hasn’t really affected my saxophone playing.

However, when I get a cold, boy do things get tough. In this Vlog episode I discuss how playing the saxophone is disrupted by playing the saxophone.