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All The Things You Are – Open Project

We’ve done a number of student projects over the years, most notably at Christmas, but as we can’t have a students summer concert this year, I wanted to put together a video that is open to EVERYONE, playing the great Jerome Kern standard ‘All The Things You Are.’

If you are working at a higher level then please take a look at the Kenny Dorham tune ‘Prince Albert’ which is a Contrafact over the top of the changes to ‘All The Things You Are’. What I want is the head, one solo and the out head. I’ll then edit everything together and share it on Social Media!

When you’re done – email your VIDEO (preferably just with your sax, use headphones for the backing track) in landscape mode to [email protected] – DEADLINE IS 30TH JUNE 2020.

Of course if you really want to get to grips with this, take the Coleman Hawkins ‘All The Things You Are Transcription Course’.

Download The Lead Sheets

Bb All The Things You Are

Eb All The Things You Are

Bb Prince Albert

Eb Prince Albert

Backing Track (using Jazz Session Band)

Playalong with Dan – All The Things

Playalong with Dan – Prince Albert

All The Things You Are Playlists

2017 Student Christmas Project – We Three Kings

Here is our 2017 Cambridge Saxophone Student’s Christmas Project!

I’m so thrilled for those of you who have put the hard work in for this years project. I started it a good two weeks earlier this year, hoping that We Three Kings, which is a REAL challenge for many of us would motivate you into action and give you a target to aim for. ]

I have to say that each one of you exceeded my expectations – over twenty students in ten different time zones, in seven countries, AMAZING.

So sit back, enjoy and share with your friends and family this Christmas, you’ve worked hard for it and enjoy it.

We Three Kinds – Cambridge Saxophone from Dan Forshaw on Vimeo.


Students Christmas Project

For the third consecutive year I am delighted to present to you the Cambridge Saxophone Students Christmas Project!

How do you get students dotted all over the world to play something together, having NEVER met each other?

Each piece we have chosen so far has been from the excellent ‘Jazzy Christmas’ book and if you don’t have one already, you can get hold of your copy by clicking this link.

Well done to everyone involved, it requires a lot of guts for people to record these videos and I am thrilled that some students who didn’t make it onto last years video have taken the plunge this year.  Having targets and a sense of accountability to others is a great way to motivate yourself and if you’re not in this years video, make sure you make it onto next years!

Merry Christmas 2015

So here it is, the 2015 ‘Cambridge Saxophone Students Christmas Project, Deck The Halls!’

Well done to everyone one of you on this video.  For those of you who didn’t manage to make a video this year, for whatever reason, let’s make sure you’re on next years!

This was a step up from last years Christmas Project and I would put this version of ‘Deck The Halls’ to be around Grade 5 standard, so well done those of you who got it down in just two weeks!

Let’s make sure we take away from this project,

  1.  Using the ‘extract’ practice model, slowing things down and even rewriting sections in crotchets and minims so that we can execute it cleanly.
  2. Less use of tongue
  3. Preparing under pressure at what is a busy time for all of us.

May I wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.  I look forward to making more music with you in 2016!


‘Take Five’ Transcription – Your Responses

Part of my vision for creating this Cambridge Saxophone website was so that my students could learn in a community, no matter where you are in the world. The technology available today is fantastic at bringing people closer and closer together.

And so here are YOUR video responses to the transcription exercise on ‘Take Five’. Remember, it is only YOU who knows how much you really should have done with this. Even if you’re not sure about sending a video in, I urge you to give it a go! We’re all nervous about hitting that red button and the only way you will improve your ‘performances’ is to keep on doing them!