2016 Christmas Project

The Sleigh Bells have started ringing, the lights has been lit and your family have started asking you what you would like for Christmas. So that means it is time for the Cambridge Saxophone Christmas Project!

We are returning to the excellent A Jazzy Christmas from Wise Music, which you can purchase via the links below.

A Jazzy Christmas Alto Saxophone Asax Book/Cd

A Jazzy Christmas Tenor Saxophone Tenor Sax Book/Cd

So let’s done our Santa Hats and get started the deadline is Wednesday, 14th December!

Any questions or comments to the forum post.

Here are our previous videos…


The Holly & The Ivy – Lesson 1

Our first look at ‘The Holly & The Ivy’ our 2016 Christmas Project. I’ve chosen ‘The Holly & The Ivy’ for a number of reasons,

The Holly & The Ivy – Lesson 3

In this lesson I show you how to submit your video to me so that I can edit them together as a group project. YOU MUST SUBMIT YOUR VIDEO BY TUESDAY, 13TH DECEMBER AT 8PM!


Dan Forshaw

I'm passionate about creating inspirational experiences through music and other arts. A life changing experience under the influence of the music of John Coltrane lead to study in New York and London. My thesis was on the Theology of John Coltrane as expressed through A Love Supreme. I perform across Europe with various jazz groups and teach through my innovative website, www.cambridgesaxophone.com. I'm a total Apple Geek, Cricket, Rugby, F1 and Football fan and I'm learning to listen opinions before giving my own!