Pop Sax


Lesson 1 – Pop Music Sax Introduction

Mention Pop music on the sax and a whole bunch of recordings spring to mind, (usually Careless Whisper) but the vast majority come from the 70s to early 90s.

Lesson 2 – Waiting on a Friend – Sonny Rollins with Rolling Stones

This solo by Sonny is a great example of how great improvisation is often a case of keeping things simple. Sonny Rollins is widely recognised as one of the leading improvisers on the saxophone and on this recording of Waiting on a Friend he shows us why. I’ll also show you how to ‘growl’ on your sax!

Lesson 3 – 3 for 1 Pentatonic Scales

Are you a sucker for a good offer? I like to think I can read between the lines and be a savvy shopper, but there is honestly no catch with this 3 for 1 offer.


Lesson 4 – Careless Whisper – (Pop Sax)

The original saxophonist on the recording was Steve Gregory. I have had the pleasure of playing with and studying with Steve when I lived in London and he shared the story with me of how he became ‘THE’ guy on this recording.

Lesson 5 – Superstition Horn Parts

This is the fifth lesson on our pop music series. In this lesson we are looking at Stevie Wonder’s ‘Superstition’ and focusing on the horn lick, which is doubled up in certain parts of the song by the bass player


Dan Forshaw

I'm passionate about creating inspirational experiences through music and other arts. A life changing experience under the influence of the music of John Coltrane lead to study in New York and London. My thesis was on the Theology of John Coltrane as expressed through A Love Supreme. I perform across Europe with various jazz groups and teach through my innovative website, www.cambridgesaxophone.com. I'm a total Apple Geek, Cricket, Rugby, F1 and Football fan and I'm learning to listen opinions before giving my own!