A to Z of Bebop – Letter G ‘Groovin’ High’

Groovin’ High is a 1945 composition by trumpeter Dizzy Gillespie.

The song is a complex musical arrangement based on the chord structure of the 1920 standard originally recorded by Paul Whiteman, “Whispering”

A to Z of Bebop – Letter F ‘Four’

Whilst it’s not strictly a ‘Bebop’ tune, Four, (possibly composed by Miles Davis in 1954, although authorship is disputed) is still a challenge and contains some great jazz language.

A to Z of Bebop – Letter D ‘Donna Lee’

Donna Lee is credited to Charlie Parker, (although Miles Davis claimed it in his autobiography as one of his own, which, may or may not be true).  Donna Lee, like most Bebop heads is built over the chord changes to a popular standard of the day, this time (Back Home) in Indiana.

Lydian Augmented Scales

Lydian Augmented Scales are a great way to navigate Minor 7b5 chords and Major 7th chords.