Welcome Blues Lesson 10

What you need to do now is record yourself playing it.  Ideally, (if you can?) Record yourself as I have in this video with Joel is one speakers (pan the fader hard right) and yourself, (hard left) so that you can compare and contrast between yourself and Joel – this is great for all other transcription projects that you do. 

Welcome Blues Lesson 9

I wanted to show you how the process of transcribing is still worth all the effort – even if you don’t get the clips up to 100% straight away.

Welcome Blues Lesson 8

In this lesson I focus on Clips 12 & 13 (only 3 more to go!) – these phrases utilise the harmonic minor scale of G on tenor, D on Alto.  Again, as I’ve said time and time before – take it slow and repeat many more times than you think you should!

Welcome Blues Lesson 7

Using the blues scale exclusively in solos can often seem a little ‘goofy’ or restrictive, but when you can exploit it like Joel Frahm, then stick with it! 

Welcome Blues Lesson 6

Welcome to lesson six on Joel Frahm’s Welcome Blues. This is a brilliant blues scale lick that everyone can get down.