Transcribe Skylark – Lesson Seven

In this lesson we are going to deal with Clip 12, the second clip from Mark Turner’s solo. It’s a great full-range of the tenor sax run from altissimo G down to low Bb…

Transcribe Skylark – Lesson Six

In this lesson, we will complete the head and start on Clip 11, which is the opening of Turner’s solo and highlights his use of triads as a building block for his solos. 
Remember, make sure you SING the clip before you start to play it, it needs to be an earworm if it’s ever got a chance of staying on your fingers!

Transcribe Skylark – Lesson Five

In Lesson 5 we are coming out of the Bridge back into the final section of the head. It gets high, (into altissmo on tenor), and contains another diminished run. 

Transcribe Skylark – Lesson Four

In this lesson we are transcribing clip seven which contains a fantastic diminished lick placed into the bridge of the melody of Skylark. Make sure you listen to this clip slowly, (I had to take it down to 25% in places in order to get this lick down).

Transcribe Skylark – Lesson Two

In this lesson, I am solely dealing with clip 4 and turning it into ‘micro-clips’. Take your time, sing it and then play it SLOWLY!