Autumn Leaves in all 12 keys – Lesson Four

In this lesson I take you through a ‘visualisation’ approach to the opening section of the melody.  We look at how the melodic line is constructed and some mnemonics to help you move this into the more tricky keys that we will look at in the next lesson…

Autumn Leaves in all 12 Keys – Lesson Two

In lesson two on our ‘Autumn Leaves in all 12 keys’ course we are moving the melody into two other keys and solidifying our work from lesson one by playing the melody over the backing tracks. 

Autumn Leaves in all 12 Keys – Lesson One

In this lesson we are going to be looking at playing the melody in just two different keys – G minor and F minor (concert) so A minor & G minor on tenor, D minor and C minor on Alto. Remember that Autumn Leaves starts with a MAJOR ii V I progression, so sometimes people can wrongly think that it is a ‘major’ tune – it resolves to the minor so it’s said to be in a minor key!

In A Mellow Tone – Lesson Four

The fourth and final lesson in our ‘In A Mellow Tone’ transcription project.  In this lesson we will cover clips 7&8 and show you how to record your version of the project.