Nail Your Scales




In my teaching I regularly preach about the two ‘T’s of playing the saxophone or indeed any instrument.  You need to work on and aim for ‘Good Tone’ and ‘Good Time’  – all the best musicians have these traits.

But as a musician, I’ll let you in on a secret – the reason we value these is because we know it’s hard work to achieve them.  It takes hours and hours of diligent practice to get it right, so here is the second of my ebooks, the follow up to ‘Make Your Sax Sing‘ is ‘Nail Your Scales’

I would argue that you can’t play an instrument well without knowing your scales and rather like Nike you need to ‘Just do it’ and have ZERO emotional feeling about scales – don’t hate them, don’t love them JUST DO THEM! 

But for many people it’s the HOW to practice scales effectively that is the real issue. In this book I have 15 different scale exercises for you to play.  You should set your metronome to 60 BPM and work accordingly.  Being able to play scales well is the key that unlocks the door to better sight reading, a wider vocabulary when improvising and most importantly – better ‘time’ when you play. 

Each scale exercise is demonstrated in D – purely for its range on the sax.  YOU MUST do all 12 keys, not just the ones in the book, & don’t move on to the next exercise until the other one is ‘nailed.’ 

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