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Dan’s Advent Saxophone Calendar #16 – Melissa Aldana

Melissa Aldana is the 16th person on our saxophone advent calendar and the youngest saxophonists on the list.

Melissa was born in Chile in 1988, starting on the Alto Sax aged just six! She moved onto the Tenor Sax in her teens after hearing the sound of Sonny Rollins, (her first tenor was her grandfather’s Selmer Mark VI.)

Destined to be one of the most important jazz saxophonists of the 21st Century, start listening to Melissa today!



Can this App tune your Sax?

Finding a good application to tune your instrument is quite difficult.

This Tonal Energy Tuner is a great little app for helping you identify which notes on your sax are in tune and which are out.  It’s not the perfect method, (you really want to train your ears to do this) – but it’s a great starting point.

How to Warm Up

These videos from the Jazz at the Lincoln Centre are a GOLDMINE for any musician, no matter what your level.

I use a variant exercise of this called ‘the pivot’ – but this is a great way of warming up.


What is a Lydian Dominant Scale?

There are lots of Jazz Scales that have great names and the Lydian Dominant is one of them.

But what is a Lydian Dominant and how do you practice it?

Watch this video to find out how I work out on my Lydian Dominant Scales and what they have in common with a Melodic Minor and Altered Scale.

Altered Scale on Sax

One of the most distinctive scales in Jazz is the Altered Scale.

In this episode of #DansVlog I talk about making marginal gains in your scale practice.