12 Licks in One Key

We’ve covered the why licks are an important part of forming your jazz vocabulary in our ‘10 licks in 10 weeks’ course. 

In this new course we are going to look at 12 different licks all in the key of C major.  Whilst we are going to look at how to move these licks into different keys, it is best to start off printing off this worksheet and memorising each lick from the sheet in C major at first, and then into other keys, (I suggest you start with D, G, C, F & Bb majors).





12 Licks in One Key – Lesson 2

In this lesson of our 12 licks in one key we are going to look at Dominant 7th lick with added chromatic notes, (lick number 3 on the sheet) 

12 Licks in One Key – Lesson 3

II V’s progressions are the bedrock of almost all jazz standards and I’ve said many times how important it is to have a grasp of this vocabulary if you are going to express yourself well in improvisation. 

12 Licks in One Key – Lesson 4

The Diminished scale is useful for improvising over the Diminished chord and also Dominant 7b9 chords, (although it can be applied in other situations as well, which makes learning this lick very important!) 

12 Licks in One Key – Lesson 5

The Blues forms the bedrock of jazz and is incredibly influential in Pop, Rock, R n B, Funk and a whole load of other styles that you might find yourself playing in


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