Exams – nothing to fear..

‘Exam’, a four letter word that can strike fear into even the best students!

Nothing to fear..

However, here at Cambridge Saxophone we don’t think you have anything to fear from exams.   In fact, our students actually ENJOY  their exams and look upon them as a great opportunity to perform for qualified musicians, many of whom are experts in their own fields.  We will always work closely with you to make sure you are fully prepared.  Our 100% pass rate is not an accident, but we also don’t put students in when they are certain to pass the exam – far from it.  A looming exam deadline can be a very useful motivator for some students. We use the Associated Board of the Royal Schools of music as our exam board. In our opinion they offer the ‘gold-standard’ for music exams in the UK.  For more information on the ABRSM please click here.

No Compulsion

Whilst exams are not compulsory if you want to progress and get onto a university music course or attend music college, you will need at least ABRSM Grade eight or equivalent.  That’s where we can help, we have an astonishing 100% distinction rate at grade eight, and in Spring 2012 we had some of the highest marks in the UK!

UCAS points

One of the most important innovations on the ABRSM syllabus in recent years has been the recognition that the University and College admissions service (UCAS) has given the exams.  You can now count the qualifications you gain in music exams towards any subject at university! For more information click here.

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