Happy Birthday Sonny Rollins

Thursday, 7th September was the 87th Birthday of living, saxophone legend Sonny Rollins.

Rollins who is sadly no longer performing in public took to Twitter to thank fans from all over the world who wished him a Happy Birthday!

Sonny has been a huge influence on my playing.  His rendition of the popular folk melody ‘St Thomas’ is one of my favourite tracks – I’ve recorded it four times and play it on nearly every gig I play.

There is a wish to rename Williamsburg Bridge, (where Sonny used to go and practice) as the ‘Sonny Rollins’ Bridge – make sure you check out this article… https://www.newyorker.com/culture/cultural-comment/a-quest-to-rename-the-williamsburg-bridge-for-sonny-rollins

Make sure you check out the playlists I’ve created in honour of Sonny’s Birthday, and the Vlog episode below…

Spotify Playlist https://goo.gl/kV4UFX
Apple Music https://goo.gl/VLMALg