Stapleford Jazz Collective

One of the most common targets from all my students at the start of the year was to reach a standard where they are able to make music with other people.

With this in mind I decided, in partnership with Woodwind and Reed, Cambridge and the ACE Cultural Foundation to launch the ‘Stapleford Jazz Collective’ at the brand new Stapleford Granary Arts Centre.

We meet on the first Wednesday at each month at 7.30pm

The ensemble is open to all musicians who have reached grade three or above and it is a fantastic opportunity to get together with like minded individuals and make some music, just for fun!

As someone who has lead various ensembles of different age groups I’m really looking forward to this and encouraging ALL my students to get involved.

If you require any further information, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

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  1. The band’s first practice was two days ago – many thanks to Dan for choosing varied pieces that were fun to play. I’m nervous about improvising, so this was scary for me. But with lots of encouragement from Dan to take risks this turned into a positive and rewarding experience. The venue was stylish and hip even if my playing sometimes wasn’t. Really looking forward to the next time …

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