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D’Addario Select Jazz Tenor Sax Mouthpiece

I was thrilled to get my hands on the D’Addario Select Jazz Tenor Sax Mouthpiece last Friday and quite frankly I am BLOWN away by this mouthpiece.

D’Addario have already produced a Select Jazz Mouthpiece for the Alto Sax and they are very excited about what this Tenor Sax Mouthpiece is going to sound like. D’Addario artist Jeff Coffin has worked closely with D’Addario in the production of this mouthpiece and I have to say that all the work has certainly paid off.  This is ‘bang for buck’ one of the best mouthpieces I’ve played.

Roberto’s Winds Tenor Sax Reeds Review

Here is my Vlog review of the Roberto’s Winds Tenor Sax Reeds.

Roberto’s Winds are one of the leading music shops in New York. Their own brand reeds are designed on the older reeds that were knocking around in the 1960’s.

Sax Cases

Getting a good case for your saxophone is REALLY important. In this Vlog Episode I discuss my saxophone cases and why I opt for BAM Cabine Cases.


ReedJuvinate Review

Here is my review of the ReedJuvinate reed holder

I became aware of the Reedjuvinate via one of my students who came in and emptied Listerine on my studio floor!

What interested me the most about the ReedJuvinate was its claim to keep reeds clean AND in a controlled, humidified state.  I’ve been using the ReedJuvinate for a few weeks now and I am very pleased with the results.  My reeds are playing better and holding a consistency which is allowing me to keep my three favourite D’Addario Select Jazz Reeds playing for longer!