Pop Sax

£ 25

The saxophone has been the mainstay in popular music since the 1950’s. On this course we learn some of the most recognisable solos of the last 50 years.

5 lessons

Transcribe – Back to the Land

£ 15

This was the first solo of Lester Young I ever learnt. It was recommended to me by my mentor, Branford Marsalis. It is a perfect example of how to play the blues.

4 lessonsIntermediate

Transcribe – All of Me

£ 40

Lester Young influenced almost every saxophonist who came after him, yet at first he was told his saxophone tone was ‘wrong’. Some of his most famous work was with Billie Holliday including this solo.

4 lessonsIntermediate

Transcribe – Now’s The Time

£ 50

Charlie Parker was one of the most influential musicians in 20th century music. This simple blues in F concert displays many of Parker’s signature phrases. You can’t fail to get better studying this!

5 lessonsIntermediate

Transcribe – Autumn Leaves

£ 20

Zoot Simms was a pioneer of the ‘West Coast’ jazz movement. A tone that was easy to listen to and a harmonic language that stayed firmly, ‘inside’ the changes.

5 lessonsIntermediate

Transcribe – Take Five

£ 40

‘Take Five’ is one of the most recognisable saxophone melodies in jazz. Written by Altoist Paul Desmond this popular classic contains gems of language for you to learn.

4 lessonsIntermediate